Frequently Asked Questions


What should I look for when deciding on a boat lift canopy?

Seamless wear points on the frame to reduce wear on the vinyl top. Solid welded main frame that is bolted to the boat lift. Warranty on frame and vinyl top. Ease of maintenance.

Why is the double chamber box beam superior?

The design was originally engineered to help reduce the flex of the cradle boat bunks on boat lifts during strong winds. The same product is now being used for the upper structures of boat canopies for the same purpose of better support.

How do I know that the canopy will sustain high winds?

In some areas, the products require engineered drawings. Check the wind pressure listed. Hurricane Class 5 requires a rating of 156. The ratings are tested with the vinyl top removed from the frame.

What are the advantages of going topless?

In the tropical heat with high humidity, a boat cover attached to the boat directly holds heat and moisture that promotes mold and mildew, plus stresses the finishes on the boat. By using a boat lift canopy, you will allow a constant air flow, increase evaporation, reduce mold, reduce trapped heat, and decrease the time in preparing the boat for departure.

What type of maintenance is needed for a canopy?

Wash with a mild detergent and spray for insects.